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Use Patterns in Pictures

Jul 14 2013 07:56 AM | admin in Photography Tips

The presence of patterns in your images can add great impact and a sense of narrative and meaning. Looking for patterns in the world around us is a key skill for the artful photographer and once you train your brain to see them they become present in scenes you have looked at thousand times. Patterns can be simple repetition of shapes or colors or it may be the way light and shade interact as sunlight bends around an object.

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Framing Your Shot

Sep 14 2013 07:07 AM | admin in Photography Tips

Pro photographers use framing to increase impact, simplify the image and draw the viewers eye to the subject. There are many approaches to framing so always look for new things that you can use to do this. Doorways windows, archways are commonly used. But you can use less obvious but equally effective visual devices such as hair arms.

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Viewpoint and Angle

Oct 01 2013 09:49 AM | admin in Photography Tips

The viewpoint and camera angle can have a dramatic effect on any photo. Before you go click keep looking through the viewfinder and try experimenting by moving around your subject to see what else may be included in the shot. Tilt the camera up to find a more interesting angle. Look up from the viewfinder to see if you can see another viewpoint or switch lenses or zoom in tight or go really wide to find a more creative angle.

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Pictures with Depth

Jun 30 2013 12:18 PM | admin in Photography Tips

In reality a photograph is a flat 2 dimensional but giving it perspective gives it structure and helps lead the eye. There a visual tricks you can use to achieve this. Linear perspective can be emphasized by converging lines which extend into the distance. Diminishing scale in use of things which get smaller the farther they are away. Aerial perspectives particularly with leading lines draw the eye into the image.

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Get the Light Right

Mar 17 2013 04:13 AM | admin in Photography Tips

Light is the fundamental element of photography after all the original meaning of the word ‘photography’ was ‘paint with light’. But depending on time of day, season, weather and other factors the difference in mood light gives to an image can be startling. The art of getting the most out of the light is to look and really think about just how it is affecting the subject in the viewfinder. Here are some quick tips to help you.

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Use Color for Best Effect

Apr 22 2013 05:30 AM | admin in Photography Tips

Color can set the mood of an image: An accent of bright color can bring an image to life and focus attention on a special part. Large areas of contrasting color in the same shot can sometimes be distracting as they compete for attention.

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Emphasize Subject Texture

May 25 2013 12:15 PM | admin in Photography Tips

To give the viewer a sense of how it would feel if they reached out and touched the subject emphasize its texture. If you move in close you can create an image with textural emphasis. Whilst texture is just one of the elements of an image giving added emphasis can really help convey a sense of the subject.

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