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Get the Light Right
Oct 05 2013  Light is the fundamental element of photography after all the original meaning of the word ‘photography’ was ‘paint with light’. But depending on time of day, season, weather and other factors the difference in mood light gives to an image can be startling. The art of getting the most out of the light is to look and really think about just how it is affecting the subject in the viewfinder. Here are some quick tips to help you.

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Interview with Troy Paiva
Oct 05 2013  Troy Paiva's night photography creates a sense of a parallel universe. Places and things familiar but at the same time abstract and strange. His images of derelict planes, automobiles and buildings lit by moonlight and colored by imagitive flash and torch light are a great lesson in creativity and persistence.

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André Cypriano
Oct 04 2013  Brazilian photographer André Cypriano's work documents traditional lifestyles and practices of societies from remote corners of the world. The peoples of Nias Island off Sumatra, dogs of Bali Candido Mendes penitentiary in Rio de Janeiro.