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André Cypriano

Sep 10 2013 11:58 AM | admin in Featured Photographers

Brazilian photographer André Cypriano's work documents traditional lifestyles and practices of societies from remote corners of the world. The peoples of Nias Island off Sumatra, dogs of Bali Candido Mendes penitentiary in Rio de Janeiro.

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Tom Hoops

Aug 19 2013 10:46 AM | admin in Featured Photographers

Freelance photographer presents some edgy portraiture. Nice and simple but highly effective web design gives the viewer a great view of Tom's work. Very nice.

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Adam Burton

Aug 10 2013 12:19 PM | admin in Featured Photographers

Adam Burton shoots rich, vibrant colour landscapes and moody seascapes from the south coast of England. Cornwall, Dartmoor, Devon, Dorset but also further a field Ireland, Argentina and Antarctica. A visual feast of landscape images.

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