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Framing Your Shot

Pro photographers use framing to increase impact, simplify the image and draw the viewers eye to the subject. There are many approaches to framing so always look for new things that you can use to do this. Doorways windows, archways are commonly used. But you can use less obvious but equally effective visual devices such as hair arms.
In this image Edmondo has used the models arms and the head scarf to draw viewer to the models amazing gaze.
Posted Image

Galeus has used a novel approach by using an ultra-wide lens to create a frame from the distorted door frame,
Posted Image

KathrynDiane has more subtly used the models hair, clothing and hands to frame the image.
Posted Image

This shot uses architecture. The bridge arch helps define the main subject which is the river and really helps remove distracting elements and draws the eye along the river.
Posted Image

Framing creates impact, depth and simplifies the images - things to frame an image are everywhere!



15 September 2013

fantastic shots, I personally love photo framing - it emphasizes the main subjects