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Use Patterns in Pictures

The presence of patterns in your images can add great impact and a sense of narrative and meaning. Looking for patterns in the world around us is a key skill for the artful photographer and once you train your brain to see them they become present in scenes you have looked at thousand times. Patterns can be simple repetition of shapes or colors or it may be the way light and shade interact as sunlight bends around an object.
Repeated Shapes: The pattern in the shot below comprises the repeated shape of the honey jars and the repeated color variations in the jars. The light through the jars deliciously emphasizes the warmth of the honey.
Posted Image

Pattern within Pattern: This image has multiple patterns repeating the central shape, the shadows and curves and edges which creates a compelling image.
Posted Image

Pattern as Subject: the light on the subject creates a repeated pattern of curves from the highlights and shadows. The actual subject is obscured so the pattern has become the subject.
Posted Image

Try This: Find a subject such as line of cars, columns in a building or a row of houses - move the camera from low to high angles until you see the pattern repeated most strongly - then snap!