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Emphasize Subject Texture

To give the viewer a sense of how it would feel if they reached out and touched the subject emphasize its texture. If you move in close you can create an image with textural emphasis. Whilst texture is just one of the elements of an image giving added emphasis can really help convey a sense of the subject.
Skin: The heavily creased texture of the man's face makes a much more interesting image the effect strengthened by the smoothness of his forehead. This works beautifully with the black and white processing of the image.
Posted Image

Abstract texture: rough surfaces and some side lighting creates ridges casts shadows creates an abstract landscape which casts shadows into the depressions.
Posted Image

Soft Lighting: soft light is often needed for more delicate subjects such as flowers otherwise the shadows maybe too strong. Here the jagged edges of the petals provide a repetitive texture throughout the image creating and delightful abstract.
Posted Image

Remember texture is more pronounced if light strikes it from the side or top. Be careful though side lighting can cast an unattractive shadow - if it seems too strong try reflecting some light back into shadows with white card to fill the shadows a bit.