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Use Color for Best Effect

Color can set the mood of an image: An accent of bright color can bring an image to life and focus attention on a special part. Large areas of contrasting color in the same shot can sometimes be distracting as they compete for attention.
Color harmony: using the same color repeated though and image creates balance and harmony in an image. Be careful not to over do it.

Miro has used red in the foreground, middle and top of the image to create this beautiful image.
Posted Image

Use a color highlight: when the range of color in a scene is limited the color used in the becomes important. Color such as lipstick in a portrait helps draw attention to the subject or flowers in a nature shot can frame the visual flow of the landscape.

KathrynDiane has used pinkish highlights to frame the image.
Posted Image

Use a dominant color: You can strengthen the impact of a color by shooting it against a contrasting or plain color. In the example the yellow contrasts strongly with the red giving the image an almost 3d quality.
Posted Image

Also try:
  • The stronger the light you use to illuminate your main object the brighter its colors will look.
  • Under exposing an image by -1/2 or -1 stop can make colors deeper and richer.
  • A colored object looks stronger when viewed against light surroundings.