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Emphasize Subject Texture

May 25 2013 12:15 PM | admin in Photography Tips

To give the viewer a sense of how it would feel if they reached out and touched the subject emphasize its texture. If you move in close you can create an image with textural emphasis. Whilst texture is just one of the elements of an image giving added emphasis can really help convey a sense of the subject.

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Use Color for Best Effect

Apr 22 2013 05:30 AM | admin in Photography Tips

Color can set the mood of an image: An accent of bright color can bring an image to life and focus attention on a special part. Large areas of contrasting color in the same shot can sometimes be distracting as they compete for attention.

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Get the Light Right

Mar 17 2013 04:13 AM | admin in Photography Tips

Light is the fundamental element of photography after all the original meaning of the word ‘photography’ was ‘paint with light’. But depending on time of day, season, weather and other factors the difference in mood light gives to an image can be startling. The art of getting the most out of the light is to look and really think about just how it is affecting the subject in the viewfinder. Here are some quick tips to help you.

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Interview with Alex Mustard

May 29 2010 06:08 AM | admin in Interviews

As a marine biologist Alexander Mustard uses his unique understanding of the underwater world to create imaginative and innovative shots that seem to escape many other underwater photographers. In this interview he describes his background, motivations and workflow which has helped him become one of underwater photography's most recognisable image makers.

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Interview with Elizabeth Carmel

Apr 16 2010 01:32 AM | admin in Interviews

Elizabeth Carmel's serene color landscapes transport you to those classic wilderness places we would all like to visit. A highly successful landscape photographer, gallery owner and Hasselblad master Elizabeth discusses her approach to photography and how she makes her art and business come together.

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Interview with Troy Paiva

Mar 25 2010 09:50 AM | admin in Interviews

Troy Paiva's night photography creates a sense of a parallel universe. Places and things familiar but at the same time abstract and strange. His images of derelict planes, automobiles and buildings lit by moonlight and colored by imagitive flash and torch light are a great lesson in creativity and persistence.

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