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Pictures with Depth

In reality a photograph is a flat 2 dimensional but giving it perspective gives it structure and helps lead the eye. There a visual tricks you can use to achieve this. Linear perspective can be emphasized by converging lines which extend into the distance. Diminishing scale in use of things which get smaller the farther they are away. Aerial perspectives particularly with leading lines draw the eye into the image.
Aerial Perspective: This is an excellent example of aerial perspective, The eroded creek leads the eye the lightening in the tone and the hills rising in the distance imply depth.
Posted Image

Diminishing Scale: The bridge is the same size but the eye see it become smaller and therefore further away which exaggerates perspective.
Posted Image

Linear Pespective: The ship's mast and the ladder converge in the distance implying depth. The use of a wide lens makes the start of the mast and the ladder wider which steepens the perspective.
Posted Image

Try This: Take a picture with a line of trees or cars with the first object small in the viewfinder then shot it with the first subject close and large - compare the difference,



02 July 2013

Lovely Picture!


06 July 2013

Great photos......thank you!