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Tata-Benz trucks

Tata-Benz trucks

Built under licence in India these trucks are often grossly overladen. Drivers carry spare axles as so many get broken (!!) on poor roads and heavy loads.


    30 June 2007

    wow. i like the art of the photography. i can imagine that i saw a similar photo befor. well done br www.foto-seite.com

    Dennis J Vogel

    01 July 2007

    Amazing Photo Mike Bro. Those Benz engines can handle the extra load, it's just the axils that can't withstand all the extra weight. Has everyone fastened thier seatbelts? LOL


    01 July 2007

    Many years ago I drove across Northern India from Calcutta to Delhi and then into the Punjab. Axles are broken so very often and drivers build a tiny rock 'wall' so they can work inside and not be killed by other mad road users. Many times they don't bother to clear the scattered rocks away leaving them for unwary road users to crash over.


    01 July 2007

    It really says what it is. Nice shot.


    02 July 2007

    When I saw the topic travel, I had a picture in mind like this Great Picture.


    03 July 2007

    I'm thinking, if they didn't carry all the spare axles, then the current one might not break so often... Nice composition...


    05 July 2007

    A documentary picture ... it might be at National Photography magazine !!! Very well done.


    05 July 2007

    Wow, thats so sad! Good journalistic image. annemarie


    13 July 2007

    A unique shot, but not a great photo. Just my opinion. It would appear to be out of focus.


    17 July 2007

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