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Buddha #2

Geoff Birrell
Buddha #2
  • Uploaded Feb 07 2011 08:32 AM
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Photograph of my Buddha head overlayed with an image of one of my acrylic paintings.


    08 February 2011

    I love this. It gives you the chance to see a treasure rendered differently. Great choice for the overlay, the red and gold and black really goes well with the Buddha head.

    Geoff Birrell

    09 February 2011

    Thanks for the comments. I wanted two colour options with the Buddha so that I could also use two different frame colours.


    14 February 2011

    Seems to me like you have a great T-shirt design going here. Great work.

    Geoff Birrell

    16 February 2011

    You could be right. The art was too difficult to sell so I am concentrating on the photography. I did actually think of T Shirts and if I get desperate with my day job I might consider it.